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organizational change

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Program & project management

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Helen Mirren, a potato of "Madonna and

be a potato and they do kind of lend themselves to be characters. You start to look at one, you can see faces in it already."Entries are voted on by the public and exhibited

at Jo David's Space Gallery 65.It might be difficult to choose a favourite ▓amidst all the celebrity po

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" and a rather glamorous-looking K

ylie Minogue.▓So why potatoes and not carrots or on▓ions? Jo David, owner of Starchy Gallery, had the answer:He said, "I think tha

tato, but the honor came to young couple Poppy Frost and Tho▓mas Morris with their imitation of British singer A▓my Winehouse. It took them an entire night to produce the masterpiece. The winner Poppy Fr▓ost said, "We love he

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